Center of plastic esthetic surgery "Edaran-Medikal"


Plastic surgery to make any desires that relate to your beauty. The meaning of our plastic center is to provide the person an opportunity to be beautiful and to preserve the beauty, to enable the slow down time by experts of the center of plastic surgery and, therefore, gain confidence in their abilities, enhance their self-esteem and achieve success in targeted cases.

Everything we do, we do for the patient and for the good of the patient.

The main focus of the center of the plastic we do plastic surgery in Minsk. We in the field of aesthetic medicine are highly qualified specialists who have visited the European plastic centers with a view to training and exchange of experience with colleagues. Our experts have devoted many years of plastic surgery beauty and youth, mastered all the existing methods of plastic and reconstructive medicine.

The "Center for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery" breast augmentation, rhinoplasty and other plastic surgery in our center Located in Minsk carried out as soon as possible. For each individual patient to select the optimal and least traumatic way to correct the defect of his appearance. Plastic surgery produces a result that exceeds all expectations, can give you the appearance you've always dreamed of, give confidence in its irresistibility. Plastic surgery in Minsk today has become accessible to all, not just the rich and famous, it transforms and works wonders.


Born beautiful is not everything, but everyone can become him!

The license number 02040/5216 Valid until May 30, 2023

Possible contraindications and side effects